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2nd Character

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2nd Character

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I'm opening it up so that if anyone wants to take a second character, (or your first! <3) post here, and we'll cater to that. Just make sure when claiming again that your two characters are not too closely related. i.e. If you're Subaru, you can't claim Hokuto.

sakujosadame- Seishirou, Aoki, and island queen (who may be Yuuko)
absolutekami- Subaru and AIDS guy
Heather- Kanoe and Kusanagi
yatsu_seme- Kamui, Karen
jeb_sakurazuka- Fuuma, Yuuto
yoru_yume- Kakyou
daydreamer64- Satsuki, Nataku
tsuki_no_mahou- Kotori, Sakurazuka Setsuka
alwyz_member_me-Hokuto, Sorata

(empty) Reserve your character now!

First and foremost, we are looking for the following characters (in no particular order):
Tohru (Magami)

However, any other claims are welcome.

So if you'd like to claim one of them, post here!
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